quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

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New uses for Vinegar

For a long time I've been using Vinegar as an antibacterial product in the washing machine.  Just use two table spoons of vinegar mixed with the washing soap (I prefer liquid) or in the conditioner (stopped using that) container.
It also helps to keep the colors in the clothes. (Dark pants friend!)
It will remove smells and make the clothes easier to iron.
It will also stop the pipes from clogging and keeps the washing machine clean inside.

But something I also do with Vinegar after reading about it on the internet, is to mix a bit in the hair shampoo.
It will keep your scalp clean, the hair shiny and less oily.
It can really help people who suffer from dandruff. It's quite a life safer especially when you go out to social gatherings.
I hate to be next someone with dandruff!
Just put two table spoons inside your normal size 250ml shampoo and mix it from time to time when to use.
Don't worry about smells of salad...
Actually Vinegar removes smells from many things like car seats.
Use a 50% mix of vinegar and tap water and rub the seats with a cloth. Prepare to have clean seats again!
I even use vinegar to clean the bathroom. It's great.
Kills bacteria, removes smells and makes everything shiny!
One liter usually goes for 39 cents in the supermarket.
Don't buy expensive harmful products again.
Vinegar also reduces Chemicals Sensitivity by removing residues from washing soaps. Feel free to smell your bed sheets again!

Many uses can be found for Vinegar.
For the hair and Salads I use Fruits Vinegar.
For cleaning and the rest I prefer Wine Vinegar.

It even can be use to clean your oily skin with a bit of cotton!
Are you itchy somewhere? Apply a bit of Vinegar!

It works!


Olive Oil as Shaving oil

I love to try new things all the time.
When something like a shampoo is ending I get eager for a new experience elsewhere.
Shaving is something that sometimes is not very fun. Even when trying a new razor.
I kept a shaving oil from Wilkinson in the closet room for years. Always thought it would be useful during trips (small 15ml, last forever), but had other products to waste first.
Tried it 2 weeks ago. What a find! Amazing product!
Didn't get any cut and my face felt great.
All you have to do is water your face and apply 5 drops of shaving oil.
Before I tried the 'Zirh shaving gel'. It was good but clogged the razor like crazy.

Two weeks ago I was using 'King of Shaves Menthol'. I even prefer it to the more expensive Zirh. It was really great to see my face while I was shaving. I bought all these products from Ebay.co.uk.

Anyway I tried the shaving oil and loved it.
Googled the internet for more info and read about shaving with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
I thought, well it would be cheap, and many people say it would make the skin look younger. Gave it a try and I love it.
Kept the Wilkinson shave oil again in the closet (for trips) and now I use 4 drops on the face and 4 drops on the neck (my problematic area).
The razor I'm using now is the 'Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Sensitive'. Cheap and good for the curves.
But my favorite is still the Gillette Mach3, but I only buy it when I can get it cheap from Ebay.

Help your skin feel good again, give a try to Olive Oil for Shaving.
It works great for me! Also does wonders for girls legs.
Remember just a few drops.
Water your face with warm water, apply a few drops and shave. It's nice you can see your face while you shave and no more razor clogging. Better lifespan for the razors!

It seems it works because the skin gets protected(covered) with the oil making the razor slide so well.
In the past when people used sharp rocks and knifes to shave they used vegetable oils to protect the skin.
Stop the soap and foam, cuts everywhere, nonsense.

Highly Recommended!

ps. I used an electric shaver (Philips Cool skin) in the past but it would make my neck feel very harsh, and the shave was not very 'close'. Perhaps Olive oil would help also.
I'm not using aftershave but skin lotion. Works great, it's cheap and no more alcohol products that dry my skin! Buy something like 400ml skin lotion bottle for 3€. It works fine and dries fast, unlike some aftershaves.

I'm using now the Gillette Fusion ProGlide. It's the best razor I ever used. Even better than the Mach3.
Bought it at E.Leclerc supermarket. 50% off price.
Not a single problem with red skin on the neck ever! And it works great with the Olive Oil. It never clogs.
Super recommended!!!