quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2022

Fix Samsung no ringtone during incoming calls

I had an issue with my Samsung smartphone (xcover 5). When I received incoming calls it would simply not ring. I was really upset.

The phone would change to mute during the call ring and if I answered and them unmute after. 

I found no option to fix this issue.

I uninstalled the phone app I used for years (Simpler

phone). Still didn't help.

I read something in a forum about clearing cache to the default Samsung phone app.

Also about going to default app permissions and in 'Calls and spam' to select 'none'. (Didn't help yet).


I choose the ringtone inside the settings at the samsung phone app. I selected the option for incoming calls numbers or names to be read at loud.

It worked finally.


Now I always ear the incoming call ringtone.

I think the major procedure was to select the ringtone inside the samsung phone app. Not a great app but it is life. 

I’m not a Samsung fan... Xiaomi is better but I wanted a 5.4" phone and not a "tablet" for everyday use.


The phone has android 12 and one ui 4.1.

I didn't install again the Simpler phone app because it started blocking all calls without reason and it was making me upset.

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