sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2020

How to replace an old T8 fluorescent lamp with a Led lamp and skip the ballast and the starter

I'm writing this small guide because I could not find clear instructions on how to replace T8 lamps that still used a ballast, with led lamps. The new led lamps don't need costly ballasts and starters anymore.

They just need the phase wire and neutral connected to one side of the lamp usually marked with L (phase or line) and N neutral. The pins on the other side of the Led lamp don't do anything other than hold the lamp in place.

My fixture had a starter on one side. What I did was I cutted the wires that went in that direction. I only connected the live phase and neutral wires from the ceiling to the socket connection where I attached the L and N pins of the T8 Led Lamp.

Get rid of old ballasts, Magnetic or electronic. They waste energy and the electronic ones don't last much or give a shorter life to the T8 lamps. Sometimes they also buzz a lot.

I've used this Lamp T8 120cm 18w (to replace old 36w) 1800lm 4000k (cool warm normally used in office spaces) Link

Hope this info is helpfull.