quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

Why wasting food is bad?

To grow a crop, pesticides and thousands of fresh water liters are used.
The pesticides poison the land, and give cancer to people. Especially the farmers who apply them.
Water is wasted and because of the use of pesticides becomes tainted for ages.
More than 2/3 of the world crops are used to feed animals, that are slaughtered at a very fast pace.
Their poo is the greatest pollutant on the Earth.
To make 1 kg of red meat, 16 Kg of cereals and 2500 L of water are used.

If a person with money can pay 2€ for 1 kg of apples, the producers make the food for those people.
They don't care for the ones that can only pay 1€ or less. So those poorer persons will not get those apples.
If the ones who paid 2€ throw away a great portion of the apples they didn't use, they stole the opportunity of the poorest ones to have something good to eat.
If the chain production of food is set to sell food at higher prices to people with money, that can pay at a steady pace, when the poorest areas want food, they are out of the way of the suppliers, that supply food to the biggest supermarkets.
People living out of the normal way of the supply chain, will pay extra to get their food.

 And only if they can get to that food! The production for that season might be already at some rich area landfill.